LT395/65R18 Tire Size in Inches

LT395/65R18 is a metric tire size representation, which defines that the tires have a width of 395 mm, 65 is the aspect ratio and a rim diameter of 18 inches. In the imperial system the tire size LT395/65R18 equates to a 38.2×15.6R18 that is commonly used in the automotive industry. So Converting LT395/65R18 in inches the tires have a length of 38.2 inches, a width of 15.6 inches, a sidewall height of 10.1 inches and The number of complete resolutions made by the corresponding tire size is equal to 528 per mile with a circumference of 119.9 inches.

LT395/65R18 tire size in inches

Tire Diameter38.2 inches971 mm
Tread Width15.6 inches395 mm
Rim Diameter18 inches457 mm
Sidewall Height10.1 inches257 mm
Circumference119.9 inches3049 mm
Revolutions528 per mile328 per km

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LT395/65R18 Equivalent Tire Sizes for replacement

If you are replacing your tires, always keep in mind that they are compatible with your vehicle so that the impact on the overall performance of your vehicle can be reduced. Here we have listed some tire size that is equivalent to LT395/65R18 tires.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
315/70R20 37.4″ (950 mm) -2.2%
325/75R20 39.2″ (996 mm) 2.6%

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