LT335/55R22 Tire Size in Inches

LT335/55R22 is a metric tire size representation, which defines that the tires have a width of 335 mm, 55 is the aspect ratio and a rim diameter of 22 inches. In the imperial system the tire size LT335/55R22 equates to a 36.5×13.2R22 that is commonly used in the automotive industry. So Converting LT335/55R22 in inches the tires have a length of 36.5 inches, a width of 13.2 inches, a sidewall height of 7.2 inches and The number of complete resolutions made by the corresponding tire size is equal to 553 per mile with a circumference of 114.6 inches.

LT335/55R22 tire size in inches

Tire Diameter36.5 inches927 mm
Tread Width13.2 inches335 mm
Rim Diameter22 inches559 mm
Sidewall Height7.2 inches184 mm
Circumference114.6 inches2911 mm
Revolutions553 per mile344 per km

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LT335/55R22 Equivalent Tire Sizes for replacement

If you are replacing your tires, always keep in mind that they are compatible with your vehicle so that the impact on the overall performance of your vehicle can be reduced. Here we have listed some tire size that is equivalent to LT335/55R22 tires.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
325/45R24 35.5″ (902 mm) -2.7%
375/40R24 35.8″ (910 mm) -1.8%
325/55R22 36.1″ (917 mm) -1.1%
345/45R24 36.2″ (920 mm) -0.8%
315/50R24 36.5″ (926 mm) -0.1%
245/75R22.5 37″ (940 mm) 1.4%
235/80R22.5 37.3″ (948 mm) 2.3%
325/60R22 37.4″ (949 mm) 2.4%

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